Respect Your Opposition: Feeling the Eclipse

"New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2011"
They don't make movies like this anymore

I felt new respect for the opposition today. I have only one in my chart (Saturn Neptune) unless you count asteroids, and many do, especially Chiron, but the story is this: I prefer to be invisible, to go about the world without… strangers asking me for directions, for example, which they constantly do.

And today I felt the eclipse energy: it conjuncted my Sun (possibly using a wide orb, but others would give it, definitely), the Moon trining my descendent. And I FELT the Moon in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn opposition profoundly.

When you see a chart, a person, with many oppositions, people are always coming at them, for good or ill. It’s a constant flow of the other, the other, the other. When I have oppositions to my natal by transit? It is absolutely unnerving.

People with chart oppositions: does it help you or hurt you as you move through the world. Tell me

And you know, it will be embarrassing for this Virgo Moon if no one answers the question. I deeply appreciate my readers and commenters, my fellow star gazers, so don’t be shy 🙂

Tell me, tell us, about your oppositions, about your opponents because… isn’t that, truly, what they are? 

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