Repair & Restore: The Stars This Weekend

The last couple days people have been just… generally upset.

And I think this was due to the Venus business going on. The square to Uranus (shocking) and the conjunction to Pluto (crisis) as well as Moon entering Aries and driving up the emotional force. People feeling betrayed, victimized. At a loss. Angry.

And as much as I heard from clients in pain, I heard from friends doing fine. Obsessed, but fine 🙂

I had my own Venus Pluto moment but it was short lived. Listened to an hour or so of the songs that make me FEEL and I cried like a good Cancer Sun, but you know what? My Venus Pluto was more about the past than the present. That love is back now where it belongs. With a headstone and overgrown weeds.

Today, Venus sextiles Saturn. What felt so end-of-the-world in the last 24 hours proves to be not the end of the world at all but a shift in your perception if are brave enough to go there. You may have pulled the Tower card but you landed on strong solid ground. Brave brave soldier of love .

Expect a respite as we head into the weekend. We only have a short void of course Moon until she enters high-thread-count Taurus on Friday night. Mercury and the Sun enter the future i.e. Aquarius in the wee hours on Saturday. Expect to feel less… burdened.


Reminder: the Meditation Mini-Course starts this Monday! Email me for details if you want to take part, moonpluto@gmail. Also I’m hunting for interest from folks who’d like to be part of another private message board with me at the helm. Astro-knowledge not required. Private, fun, supportive discussion space for like-minded metaphysical peeps. 

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