Remember To Eat

"moon pluto"
wild things never skip lunch!

With Mars leaving Cancer and entering Leo, I have to tell you to remember to eat.

Cancer is The Mother and I have a Cancer stellium and I tend to remind people to eat: roommate, boyfriend, and this morning an elderly ill cat who would not eat…

Most of all though this message is for you and for me because as Mars leaves water for fire, we leave nurturing for.. performance. We leave mothering for melodrama, smothering for chest-beating 🙂

Leo is proud of its accomplishments. Cancer is too although you may never know it 😉

As we shift, as we slide from home to… away from home, as we go from Mommy (Cancer) to ME! (Leo), remember to eat, remember to feed yourself, nurture yourself, and those around you, if they are deserving 😉

Because during the last gasp of Leo you may spend more time on your look and forget to feed more than your ego… 😉 so remember to eat.

This blog post has been brought to you by my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the 11th House (and Venus in the Leo in the 12th).

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