Reliable Candy And The Grand Trine In Earth

"venus in capricorn"

Venus + Jupiter in Taurus: everyone at the dance wants to dance with this girl.

And who will she dance with? With Mars, retrograde, in Virgo (he dances kinda funny). And with PLUTO in Capricorn. Ooooh ahhhh.

Grand Trine in Earth, folks! Grand Trine in Earth.Β 

The thing you need to do is find the pertinent degrees in your own natal chart and also check out your water houses because those provide sextiles, also a good aspect. You can, of course, look for squares and oppositions but… I don’t want to go there today πŸ™‚ Maybe tomorrow.

We are talking early-ish degrees. Pluto is the slowest mover in this crowd at 9 Capricorn so find that degree for sure. In my mind I see the other planets hovering around him. Is HE the one we all want to dance with?

Is Pluto a good dancer? The BEST.

On March 14th, for example, we’ve got: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto all at 9 degrees. So imagine the movement in the days preceeding: Venus moving forward, Jupiter moving forward, Mars moving back, Pluto being Pluto πŸ™‚ and then BAM! Exact!

And I’m not even taking the Moon into account here, how you may feeeeeel.

I feel a crash but it’s the crash of… FINALLY. Slipping into something. Sliding into home. Everything’s in place.

Pluto is long-term. Expect the goodness to last. Or to PROVIDE something lasting. Or, at least, let this be the beginning. Inspire yourself with your own chart. Everyone is getting a candy here. Reliable candy but it’s candy all-grown up now.

PS Virginia Woolf had Venus in Capricorn. I know Woolf isn’t exactly the poster girl for life of the party, but she’s my poster girl πŸ™‚


YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (and the other ones as usual) for the Full Moon in Virgo but probably won’t start scheduling again until Tuesday or Wednesday so email me for more info!