Relationships: How Do You Do Them? Ever Check Your 4th House Cusp For Clues?

"full moon in aries"Allow for complexity and solitude. It’s like listening to Erik Satie. His pieces are simple, right? They feel simple. You can hum them. And get lost in them. Be alone there.

I am thinking about relationships. I have a stellium in Cancer but it’s in the chilly (ha!) 11th House, associated with Aquarius. I’m not your typical Cancer Mom πŸ˜‰ I need SPACE.

But we are all like this. Complex. Our charts are a mix of qualities and solitudes. One glance at my chart and you may think I’m a clingy complainer. Well, I do cling. But I try not to complain. I’ve made progress with this. (It was worse before ;))

But about relationships: how do you do them? Does your style differ when it’s friendship vs. romantic? What does your chart tell you about this? Do you look at your Venus and Mars or other stuff? Maybe the houses. Maybe the Moon. Maybe the IC is key for you. I’m sure you’ve had friends who were WAY too intense and you had to cut them loose.

So I’m this sensitive Cancer/Virgo lady BUT I’ve got a packed “don’t fence me in” 11th house and Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) rules my 4th House cusp (my IC). Freedom. Born into (the IC) freedom. On the road again.

Share with us a “contradiction” in YOUR chart πŸ™‚

P.S. Just nowΒ I realize my “contradictions” are inconjuncty in flavor. Cancer to Aquarius. Cancer to Sagittarius. PSS my cats seem to really like Erik Satie


Next week I am doingΒ Full Moon in Aries Readings! And, yes, my Venus in the 12th House is braving the Skype machine πŸ˜‰ Something that I like to do lately areΒ 1/2 email and 1/2 Skype readings. But whatever… we’ll figure it out πŸ™‚

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