Real Love Questions For Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"I have a little public Facebook page where I like to post questions for folks and I’ve got Venus matters on my mind and am looking for your thoughts, experiences, chart details if you want to share them.

Here is what I posted: 

1. Have you ever stayed with someone for reasons other than pure love and desire? How is your Venus aspected?

2. How much of your relationship is compromise? How much is sacrifice? Can you see this in your chart? Natally or by transit?

I”m fascinated by this topic right now and I see it in readings, people who have 75 percent of what they want in a relationship.

What then do they do with the unhappy part? Is it something to “work through” or “grin and bear it”?

Or is it a fear of some kind. Or a REAL incompatibility or problem.

Because we need to live in reality. It’s not all perfect, not all the time.

What do you sacrifice? Let’s say you love the person you are with and it’s wonderful in many ways but you’re not so sexually compatible. Or, what if the sex is great but he or she has an addiction.

Or you keep thinking they are failing you and you can’t figure out if they are a selfish toad or if you’re the one who can’t get close.

Questions like this…

No answers here for the moment, just pondering the nature and condition of my own heart. Saturn is transiting my 3rd House and will make some fine aspects to my water and earth planets but also will square my Venus.

And one OTHER question for your perusal: can two brooding types find love together?

Or do we need one brooder and one non-brooder? I never considered myself a brooder but when I spend time around non-brooders, I REALLY feel the difference! I am always emanating energy from my thoughts and deep emotions. Yes, like a fine perfume 😉 And certain others love to stick their noses in it. With non-brooders, what emanates is more subtle. There’s no constant churning. And they appear to be more “grounded” to me even if they don’t have a lot of earth in their chart. Simply because they are occupied in THE MOMENT rather than brooding on past or future or various strivings…

Please share your thoughts on any of this stuff! 

xo sending love across the miles xo


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