Ready For The New Moon In Pisces?

"new moon in pisces"

I walked home in the glorious sunshine. We’ve had a lot of gloomy weather lately in the Big City.

Well, it is winter, my Cancer Sun/Aries Moon friend reminds me, and he’s right. I’m grateful though – for this body that can walk or run or roll up and down the Big City streets if need be. I wasn’t born here but have lived here long enough for it to have toughened me.

And as I was walking home I started thinking about tomorrow’s New Moon and how in love I am with Rex Bill’s famous Rulership Book, a must have for any astrology lover. And I love the way it’s organized – in lists, by planet, sign, house.

This is how I know that Pisces rules, among other things, chaos and veils, not just escapism and drunks.


And when you read the book systematically or just by dipping around, the connections become clear, if they aren’t already clear to you — that 12th House keywords, for example, have more than a little in common with Pisces and Neptune keywords. That’s how astrology works. You jump. You leap.

Lorca has a word “duende” — a word I learned in a graduate school seminar when I was studying poetry. I associate it with making a “poetic leap.” Think of it this way: the rational mind is limited. Pisces/Neptune/the 12th House is not limited.

And here, this beautiful quote from Lorca: The duende is not in the throat. It climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet. 

Aha! Another Pisces keyword: feet!

The New Moon in Pisces compels you to leap: Pisces rules poets, poetry, poems.

You know why I always tell you to find stuff in your chart? Because that’s how I learned astrology. I was in a class for a few years and week after week our teacher would do just that. He would draw a huge wheel and pinpoint the transits and then use student’s charts as examples.

If you can find all this Pisces (Sun, Moon, Mercury) in your chart you can find where you may be confused at this time. Chaotic at this time. Veiled at this time. Escaping at this time. Or desiring to escape. Or you may just want to go shoe shopping. In either case, extra sensitivity is a given.

How do you protect yourself? Or find your way out? 

The fascinating thing is that Pisces rules not only confinement but escape.

The solution is inside the supposed problem. You may be in a prison (another Pisces keyword) but Neptune rules expansion, rules what is limitless.

So do that. Find your Pisces and KNOW, BELIEVE that THERE is a place (in your chart, in your life) where you can grow and — this is the important part — grow safely.

PS That is Lorca in the picture above, a Pisces Rising (according to Astrotheme).


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). Guess I’m in a Tarot mood lately 🙂

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

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