Ready for the BIG CATS? What I Love About Jupiter In Leo (Part One)

"jupiter in leo" All my books are packed up in boxes (getting ready to move), but I remember reading in… was it Isabel Hickey?

That the 5th House (Leo’s natural house) is the house of your unique creative expression, but privately — as compared to the more public 11th House (associated with Aquarius).

For example, a 5th House South Node person may feel challenged bringing their art/creativity to The World. They may want to keep it to themselves, staring in the mirror with eyes of love and fear taking a chance on public response.

So while you may be reading blog after blog detailing the passionate indulgences of the upcoming Jupiter in Leo transit (lasting for a bit more than year, beginning this Wednesday) – important to remember that Jupiter in Leo will be about more (keyword MORE) than shrill theatrics, overspending, and oversized ego development 😉

That’s my main idea here: Jupiter in Leo will be about SO MUCH MORE. And much of it positive.

Example: underneath every great drama, underneath every great play, is an ego yes, the ego of the writer! The pure DESIRE of the writer. His/her creativity and desire to bring something to the stage, to LIFE. To make something out of nothing. Leo rules the theatre so this is my metaphor of choice!

And then the writer of drama needs collaborators so in come the director, actors, etc etc etc. The finished product is a PRODUCTION yes, a staging yes, an act, yes, a creation yes, artifice yes, born from THE EGO OF ONE PERSON’S PRIVATE CREATIVE EXPRESSION, the 5th House.

Thus, this is YOU at the start of this transit, on the edge of this transit. This is YOUR Jupiter in Leo transit. What do you want to create? What are you bringing to the stage OF YOUR LIFE? The power of Jupiter in Leo comes from the house in your chart where you have Leo! It will be different for us all. For me? 12th House.


Another point I want to bring up: 

Wherever Leo is in your chart is where you will feel MORE LOVE (for the duration of this transit) and, I think, you will give more love from there, generously.

You will give AND receive MORE of what your Leo house represents.

You will feel SO DAMN ALIVE AND KICKING AND VIBRANT AND PASSIONATE AND ON FIRE there, right there, no matter what else is going on. I recommend returning there, over and over, especially when you feel low and need more light.

I am so excited for this transit that I am building a class around it and so much more I want to say right now but I have to go eat dinner and finish packing 🙂

A big day for me and my family as we move during the last days of Jupiter in Cancer…

Ready for the BIG CATS?


Love, MP

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