Raging Bull Takes A Nap: Mars Goes Retrograde Next Week!

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Don’t you love the feeling of Getting Things Done?

Beating up your things-to-do list?


Especially things you don’t want to do? I did that this morning, yay!I didn’t want to do it SO MUCH it was giving me heart palpitations for a couple days. But today I did it!

And now, right now, I feel ahhhhhhhh.

Mars goes retrograde next week so… it’s not like all activity will cease, it’s not like all your drive and energy and stamina will completely go kaput BUT… get some shit done NOW, shit you’ve been postponing because I do believe it will be easier NOW than even towards the end of this week or the weekend.

Once Mars’ retrograde *stabilizes* so to speak, I’ll think we’ll all be cruising along fine on the retrogradey Marsy energy but before that time? These days early this week in particular? Make hay! Make hay! Make hay! (I have no clue where that phrase comes from. If you feel like googling the derivation, please feel free and share with us!)

By the way, Mars stations the same day as the New Moon in Aquarius! The same day that Mercury trines Mars! The same day as the Chinese New Year!

Suffice to say it’s a day to watch — not for caution and worries but for… noticing whatever plays out in your life. I think you will see/feel The Shift i.e. the shift in your Mars House i.e. you’ll be able to intuit, if you pay attention, what Mars Retrograde will mean TO YOU.

So please don’t think of Mars Retrograde as a stopping or a loss, God forbid.

Think of it as… review. Review of how you use YOUR MARS, especially in regards to the house that Mars is transiting and the house of your natal Mars. And this is a great chance, as well, to review the natal aspects to your Mars!

Call up your Mercury Retrograde keywords: review, re-do, rewind, re-think, repeat! And you can even make up or add some of your own! Renounce! Re-clean (ha says mars in Virgo)! REBUILD.

I know I have clients who tend to worry. I get that. I worry too. But please please please, to quote someone very near and dear to me: Faith, not fear.

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