Rage, Pain, & Mars In Libra

 I wasn’t going to do an April special but I never took it away from the blog and people were asking so I’m making it OFFICIAL YES: 

Two Specials going on, to help you through the Cardinal Cross and Eclipses this month. 

Special A:
Instant Message (via Facebook or Gmail Gchat) is a 45 minute and $50

Special B: 
Is a 90 minute for $90 — and this can be a combo, say, an hour long and then a 30 minute follow up later. Phone/Skype or Email or Instant Message. Mix and match! My only stipulation is NO 90 minute Email readings. Those take forever! 

Now that the commercial is out of the way, I’ve got some thoughts about MARS and this question in particular:

what do you do with your fears?
Do you look at them?
Do you do what scares you? 
Feel the fear and do it anyway? 

Forget for a moment about the larger configurations, cardinal crosses and such, and imagine for a moment having a light repast with… one of your fears.

Does it have a shape?
A smell?
You are sitting across from your fear. What do you say? What does your fear say? What do you want to DO?

Mars is ACTION.
It disrupts.
It disrupts your personal comfort zone status quo.
Mars DOES.
And Mars is retrograde until… May 20th.
And Mars goes direct at 9 degrees.
And Mars doesn’t enter Scorpio until LATE JULY.

That’s a lot of Libra. That’s a lot of MARS IN LIBRA.
Mars (force) in the sign of COOPERATION.


I’m sure you know someone with this placement.
Maybe YOU have this placement.
Maybe you have a fight with your beloved and she/he stews and seethes and silences but YOU, Mr or Mrs Mars in Libra, are the first to make peace.
You want to bring the moment BACK into balance, into neatness and symmetry.
Which is really YOUR version of balance (it may not be hers/his).
Mars in Libra, they say, is “peace at any price.”
Kiss and make up even if what you actually feel is HATEHATEHATEHATEANDRAGEANDHATEANDPAIN
I think it’s normal to have a range of emotion in a relationship, even the darker emotions.
You may not have the need to put it back neatly in a row but Mars in Libra does.
Another way to put it: control at any price.
By forcing the peace, Mars in Libra gains its equilibrium again and the upper hand 😉
Otherwise chaos shall reign throughout the land and Mars in Libra simply can’t have that, it would be most unseemly!

I do not tell you this to put down Mars in Libra.
Not at all.
Without Mars in Libra, without Mars in the 7th House, I think we’d never kiss and make up.
We’d all just go our separate ways into Ariesland. Self-reliance! Independence! Vroom vroom off to the races!

What is the lesson here?
Don’t fight the transits.
This IS the energy.
Don’t disappear. Don’t run away. Don’t vroom vroom.


We are not only in Mars in Libra now; we are Mars in Libra RETROGRADE. All of us.
And with the Sun and Mercury moving through Aries, the opposite sign, we have an insanely lucrative opportunity to STABILIZE our lives.
It’s that axis in your chart, Aries/Libra.
It’s gotten out of control, hasn’t it? A wee bit? If not more?

Did you know that Libra rules the adrenal glands? Adrenal fatigue is a life out of balance.

About facing fears:
Mars says:  stop wasting time worrying about what other people think!
But Mars in Libra cares.

So back and forth we go, up and down the see-saw we go, not wrestling with the angel or defeating the angel, but serving tea and cookies to the angel of fear, disarming the angel with a smile.


I have Mars in Cancer.
I’ve been under a Mars square for months now.
I’ve lost track how long.
And I do think my health suffered until I found the imbalance and then it was easy peasy.

I had to go to the OTHER extreme to create balance.

What’s been your experience? 

Love, MP

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