Questions For The Full Moon In Leo

"full moon in leo"An interesting conversation just erupted on my Facebook Timeline.

About selfies or “self-portraits.” I used to post them all the time. A bit less these days. It was always therapeutic for me.

See, I always felt ugly. I was bullied as a child and didn’t receive any words to counter that. Some of the bullying stopped when I lost a lot of weight as a teenager (due to an exercise routine that was so intense I lost my period for a while). My Scorpio mother was worried about me — something I didn’t learn until years later.

I started taking my own pictures during the Internet Age and voila! Not sooooo bad after all. Every picture posted was an act of resistance, defiance. And now? Now I just enjoy. Here I am today! This is me! Hellooooo. It’s playful for me. Self-expression. Even when I post a strange picture, cockeyed picture, post work-out picture, wild Venus in Leo hair picture, open-mouthed-stupid picture, pretty picture.

So I asked on my page:

Do you post your pictures? Why or why not? I notice that some folks post selfies a lot. Some rarely. Some NEVER. Some post sexy pics routinely. I think I post moods. I am a Cancer after all 🙂

So think about this — for the Full Moon in Leo.

What is your mode of self expression? How do you express your SELF? Is it hidden? Is it out for all the world to see? Somewhere in between? How comfortable are saying HERE I AM THIS IS ME ?

How do you WANT to express yourself? What do you want to show? In what house is your SUN? And which house is your Leo house?

It’s interesting to me that the 5th House is associated with private self expression and the 11th House, on the other side of the chart is more public, letting others SEE you.

Do you? Let others see who you are? Why or why not? 

Leo and the Sun rule the heart. Do you share yours? I can’t help but share mine. It’s how I’m wired. Heart exposure. No fakery here.

Full Moon in Leo tomorrow at 14 degrees, opposing Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Trine Uranus. Trine Pallas in Sagittarius. It’s a funny combination. Moon Uranus is a bit genius crazy but Moon Pallas? In Sag? I tilt my head to the side when I ponder that one because Pallas is STRATEGY and Sagittarius is, well, intuitive. Boldly goes without a plan (unless other chart factors intervene).

AND the Full Moon is also conjunct Jupiter yes my darlings it is.

Moon. Jupiter. Uranus. Pallas. This is some BIG BIG ENERGY. Confident. Courageous. Super bold. Super smart. Super big YOU YOU YOU. Somewhere in your chart YOU YOU YOU.

What to make of all this fire? What to do with it? Do we need to do anything with it? I want you to think about who you are and what you want to show. And then show it. Full Moon is a peak. Coming to a head. It’s the fullest expression of Leo we have! The Full Moon! It can’t get any bigger or brighter!

I just pulled three cards: Justice, The Sun, Judgement (AND I saw Judgement for someone earlier today, different deck). For those of you who have been in hiding, who have felt the need to hide, Justice is here. Time to walk in the Sun. You are being called. Come out come out wherever you are, my little lions! It’s time.

Love, MP

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