Questions For Taurus Season

Taurus is said to be a sensual sign so during Taurus Season can you discover/rediscover this part of yourself? How? What do you need? What will you do differently? Can you slow down?

How do you interpret Taurus?

Sensual not sexual is how a Taurus friend used to describe herself. I felt like I was both. Sex is union (Scorpio). And sensuality is… pleasure? Well sex is pleasure too but there’s a difference.

The Taurus in my life take care of themselves better than any other sign I know. Take care of themselves first. I don’t mean this as a judgement or an insult. The Taurus that I know definitely GIVE but they don’t go without. They want it? They get it. And maybe you need to do this too. Think of you.

This quality though can work against them because if there is any self-sabotage in their chart and what they want is to suffer, then they will suffer and suffer and suffer.


I was just emailing someone, telling him that I feel scattered, groundless, and yet buzzed. Not sure what this is. Am I closer to that fearlessness that I’ve been seeking? That has been my goal in meditation class. Not just to sit daily, to get stronger in my practice, to be disciplined but also to… live a less fear-based life. How? First step, being aware. Keeping it in mind. Remembering that this is my goal. And I keep bumping up against this empty space and the uncertainty of what to DO with it. Wanting to adjust it somehow.

I remember visiting my Scorpio friend and he didn’t understand my pursuit of… reasons. I feel such and such so this must be why or that must be why. Whenever I feel something, I get alert. Especially if it’s… new or a little bit different. And I do feel something different now. Nothing bad. I just don’t know what it is. It’s not formed yet.

And maybe this is what transition feels like. Maybe this is life before the eclipses.

And another question: how determined (both Taurus and Scorpio have this trait) could you be, how far would you go, to get what you want? Transiting planets in stubborn Taurus will be opposing Saturn in ruthless Scorpio.

Love, MP

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