Question: What Does the North Node in Pisces Feel Like?

Answer: North Node in Pisces feels like VIRGO!!!

I’m talking about this topic today by request, although I’m pretty obsessed with the Nodes anyway.

But back to my train of thought (says Virgo South Node. Don’t interrupt my flow which really isn’t flow at all but R I G I D I T Y).

For North Node in Pisces, Pisces is the unknown, is the place that Virgo needs to get to… to make “steady increments” in this lifetime. And Virgo can’t get there with Virgo ways, Virgo skills, Virgo thinking because Pisces is so… far… beyond… so… I can’t put it into words. Virgo is words. Pisces is feeling, perception, ethereal. I mean, you can put it into words, but the words aren’t good enough. Try music instead. A song.

The South Node is what you already know how to do, what you came here with, to this world, to this lifetime; it’s your fall-back, your habits, your patterns, it’s so deeply deeply deeply ingrained that you don’t even question a minute of it. And I don’t mean to make it sound negative. Each individual has to use their South Node in the best way they can… while knowing that there’s another train to catch.

Lucky for us, we know astrology or are learning astrology and we hear about this Nodal Axis and how profound it is. Astrology is about Your Life and the holiness of your life, and the Nodes embody this. It’s the struggle made symbolic so we can… learn? Understand? Grow? Suffer less? Love more? Hmm. I sound a little Pisces North Nodey, if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a little analogy using the Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis. My sister is Capricorn South Node and she came into this world knowing how to be a career woman (with Jupiter in her 10th). She married, had a kid, is the mother of a pre-teen, changed her profession but still is the career woman/bread-winner, and when we talk… I swear to you it’s when she’s moving towards her North Node in Cancer in the 12th for godsake that she feels… I can’t find the word. Better? Alive? Happy? Able to breathe. She is a mother, literally, but can you imagine? A 12th House Cancer North Node being happy as a lawyer?

So really I don’t think it matters which signs your Nodes are in, but that you do the travel, that you see where you are and see where you need to go, that you understand, that you put on your shoes, that you open the door and you step out. And study is necessary. I read about Pisces, I talked to Pisces, I tried to understand Pisces (which is so very Virgo, again, to try to understand the ineffable). And there comes a point for every Virgo when they need to stop thinking (Virgo) and to start being (Pisces).

So, my friend who asked this question, with your North Node in Virgo, you already know Pisces, even if you have no other water in your chart, you know every Piscean escape route because you live it every day. Virgo is what you need to learn now. Discernment. Refinement. Processes. Details. Perfection ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah…. every Virgo’s dream is the dream of perfection but for them? It turns on itself, becomes self-criticism. For you? With North Node in Virgo? It’s your birthright!

Note to Self: go for a swim.

Do you think about the Nodes?ย 

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