Psychic? Intuitive? What Do You Call What You Do?

"colorado movie massacre"I feel out of sorts, and the irony is that I had not scheduled readings for today because I was scheduled for a blood draw this morning (which wound up not happening, long story there) and I had a feeling I’d be feeling too weak to focus on clients.

And I hope this isn’t disgusting or in bad taste that I am talking about this but I felt terribly ungrounded yesterday, unusually so.  It was eerie. I was able to focus on my readings though and sent them and then I had a meeting scheduled with a client in person and nearly cancelled when we couldn’t nail down the time and place. I felt overwhelmed. I figured it was just fatigue from doing a lot of psychic work.

And yesterday morning I had written to my astrologer friend telling him that I felt weird, disjointed.  Just now I went to search for the emails and found this:

i wonder if there’s something global or national — although i don’t think i usually pick up on national or global problems

i.e. something global or national going to happen

I was having a premonition. I am only talking about this because it is a distraction from the news and I think those who get premonition of tragic events can relate or even share stories.

At the time I didn’t choose to investigate the premonition further. I just wanted to focus on my work and meet my client, do my readings, etc. I think in the future though, I want to try to get information about what I’m picking up on.

This morning I felt totally against looking up the transit chart or the shooter’s chart but I have looked up the shooter’s chart this afternoon. Curiosity got the best of me. No birth time but I am giving him a Gemini Rising with Chiron on his ascendent, opposing a whole slew of planets. It’s a theory.

I’m not going to analyze the chart here. You can find the birth data on line and plug in a time for Gemini Rising and see for yourself. Or use whatever rising sign you want for whatever reason. I just don’t want to go there in public any more than this post or however else it creeps out of me today.

Do you get premonitions?

Love, MP


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