Press Your Luck! Jupiter Goes Direct January 30th

An old college friend emailed me last night.

He’s going to edit a new on-line poetry journal and once upon a time we were colleagues, poets together, undergraduate.

He wants me to submit poems. I haven’t written a poem in years. Not since I started writing plays. When I was in school, the internet didn’t exist. Poems were in journals that no one read except for… other poets. The world has changed.

Jupiter in Gemini (writing, publishing) will station on my Mid-Heaven, THE career point in the chart, although what I’ve noticed so far is that Jupiter massaging this point… dials up my past.

When Jupiter first hit this point, back in 2012, I heard from a director (and her theatre company) that I worked with a few times and they wound up doing a bare bones production of one of my plays. It was an experience. It inspired me. But it had a beginning, middle, and end. Jupiter didn’t keep traveling that road, at least not where I could see him. Jupiter sat down.

So now Andy writes me, wanting to showcase my poems and the way he phrased it made me think of Jupiter.

I asked:  should I look in the archives? Something new? A stand-alone monologue from a play?

Doesn’t matter, he says as long it’s work you believe in.

Hmm. Work I believe in.

The 9th rules your “beliefs,” or as my teacher used to say “your higher philosophy of life.”

Never knew what my teacher meant by that until I realized that Saturn in my 9th House was no doubt, in part, cause of a lifelong battle with depression. Saturn is practicality masquerading as pessimism and the 9th House really doesn’t want either of those chains.

My life IS a poem, I thought to myself. I am incapable of writing a poem (artifice/construct) the way I used to. That’s what I told my friend. I can report from the jaws of the Big City, but that’s about it 🙂 I cannot create a poetic experience that is separate from me. And as soon as I said that, I started my new poem. My new Big City poem.

Sometimes, with Jupiter, the experience is all there is. The experience is IT. Jupiter is not Saturn. Jupiter *can* be part of a long-term plan… but think of Jupiter going direct as your opening. The portal. Not the road, not the destination, not the reward or the award. But the motivation to keep going. Belief. Smiles.

Jupiter transiting my 10th House = finding work (10th House) that I believe in (Jupiter).

What this has to do with YOU is that you too need to find 6 degrees Gemini (and Sagittarius) in your natal chart because it’s time for you to believe again. Or is it for the first time?

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