Something To Look Forward To: Jupiter Trine Chiron

Sometimes I feel my entire motivation in this lifetime is to heal. Myself. And I try to help others along the way as best I can.

To heal the physical and emotional body because really they are the same thing.

I do not believe that illness or “conditions” are punishment or karma or payback.

But I do believe there is a metaphysical component to illness or conditions or even accidents (accident prone people) — and that healing becomes more possible when the spiritual/metaphysical component is investigated to get to the bigger picture. That a pain in your body is not just a pain in your body. It’s a soul pain too. It may or may not reach back towards previous lifetimes but for sure it reaches back towards this lifetime, to years past, to trauma.

And you know when you’ve hit on something i.e. when you read a passage in a book or hear a teacher or speaker or doctor and you know, you just know, they are setting it in motion for you, helping you unlock the mystery of your “problem.”

Chiron in your chart is one such teacher, is your healing journey: how you help others, how you have always helped others, and how you continually strive to get well.

“Don’t work on your weak points. Embrace them.” says Deepak Chopra. Imagine that. The part of your body or your mind or your spirit that you feel is… failing you. Embrace it instead of rejecting it. I have a feeling that unless you consciously do this that you are subtly and not so subtly rejecting yourself all the time. Use your imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce said) to imagine love, breathe into those shut tight spaces in your emotional/physical body. But first you must find out where they are…

Transiting Chiron is in Pisces somewhere in your chart, making his presence known. He wants you to get well. He wants you to want to get well.

And consider this: Jupiter in Cancer will trine Chiron. Jupiter will trine Neptune and Saturn too this summer but don’t forget Chiron.

Yeah, you know what I’m going to say next: BIG HEALING on a cosmic level but someplace very particular in YOUR chart.

Love, MP


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