Practical Magick: The July/August Group is Forming Now!

"jupiter trine pluto"The July/August Group is a celebration of structure.
Spiritual structure.
The Gods of Small Things.
Healing & Housework 🙂

Jupiter leaves Virgo (while the North Node remains) and it’s time to get small.

I’ll explain.
A celebration of ritual.
A celebration of that which is simple. And grounding. In the body.

A class in practical magick. Virgo magic.

BY DOING. We learn by doing.
The little things. Small gestures.

And there won’t always be a reason, some obvious reason for what I request of you.
But sometimes there will be. And sometimes you’ll intuit it. You know I come from a Jewish background and in Judaism there are laws and customs and they are divided into those for which a REASON is given and those for which there is not. I can’t seem to escape my tradition :0 I’m that kind of teacher. You just have to trust me. Can you??

There will be homework/assignments although lurkers are welcome.
The homework and assignments matter but I won’t get mad if you just read along.

And we will follow transits each day (I’ll post about them) but the meat of the class is Three Weeks of gentle structure and instruction from me. Discussion from us. Gentle and kind. I won’t yell at you (save that for next time) but shall encourage your own magickal and spiritual work through the tasks that are presented. Each week is devoted to a particular practice but is not limited to that practice (Meditation Week may also bring us instruction on how to heal your own body, for example).

Additional intentions for this group: 
*that by taking this class and spending time with me/us that you quiet your mind. Quiet your everything.
*immersion in routine and being held accountable (that you show up at least once a week if not more!) has value in and of itself that will spill over into your “normal” life
*increased presence in your daily life and awareness of what’s happening in your mind, soul, body.
*shifting stale energy in your home
*support for healing your own body

Week One: meditation practice + more
Week Two : divination practice + more (tarot or other oracle deck required)
Week Three : magickal practice + more
Optional Week Four : (only if there is interest because sometimes people are just DONE by end of Week Three). PROCRASTINATION – I help you unblock the blocks in regards to specific creative projects or life projects you’re in the midst of.

Each week I bring you food for thought (my own food for thought as well as not from my brain) and the tasks. And we discuss. Discussion and sharing matters in such a group. It would also help to keep a journal although I know some people just hate that 🙂

Cost is sliding scale: $75 – $125

If you’ve never worked with me and need explanation of the nuts and bolts of how my classes work more specifically, just message me at and I’ll tell you all about it!