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Something I posted this morning about the Uranus Pluto square: 

“My thoughts on the Uranus Pluto square: “One Story”

This is a moving transit.

By definition transits are just that — moving, in progress. Not done until they are done and the planets are out of orb.

But this is a long one, spanning a few years. And most of the time the planets are NOT exact but they meet up to touch, and then they part — yet remain painfully (or not so painfully, depending on your perspective) in orb.

And I’m trying to put what I feel here into words — that you will be moved. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. You will be moved in very real ways.

I take this square personally, even though it is generational. I feel it personally. I see how it’s doing its thing in my chart, and from the beginning I’ve felt that the “story” of the Uranus Pluto square in my chart will not be told fully until these planets separate and are no longer in orb of making the square. Until then, until we make the break… we have a number of options in regards to “what to do.”

So wherever these guys are — in transit — in your chart — there is, or will be, flux. Even upheaval. Sometimes crisis. Definitely change. And it’s inevitable. It’s something you can’t just nail yourself down to the ground and stop. Or hold your breath and stop. The changes will happen anyway. And sure you can be standing in the same place as you were a few years ago, when it started, but I think that would feel mighty mighty strange — and out of place. Like, the house burned down but you’re still standing there in an empty frame. That’s how it feels to me.

So, live with the transits. I’m not telling you to jump ship. But I am telling you to pay attention.

You find transiting Uranus. You find transiting Pluto. You note the houses. This year, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra have been added to the mix but I think they are more fuel to the fire and secondary stories. Important secondary stories yes or emphasis of themes but there is still a primary Uranus Pluto there for you — depending on the houses and and the planets they are aspecting in your natal.

So my overall advice is to allow yourself to be moved. 

Allow yourself to feel things. To pay attention to your life. Let your life speak to you. Listen closely. 

And know that things will change. Can you accept that things will change? This may be the hardest part of this square. And the changes can be big in a personal way — like marriages, divorces, big career shifts, health issues – for example. And the changes can be small, like turning your head to one side or the other, what you see in your peripheral vision.

That some things you are clinging to now, for your safety and supposed sanity and security… must undergo this process. That you can’t keep all your toys just as they are. Control freaks and stagnation addicts will have the hardest time with this square — those who lack any seed of risk, any seed of FAITH. 

I’m glad that M. talked about Jupiter in Leo TRINING Uranus in Aries in the fall because this transit will be your “balm in Gilead” — some crazy glue for your broken places. A big smile of a transit. 

Am I saying lives will be destroyed, your life? No, not necessarily. For you, it could be a head turn i.e. no outward manifestation at all but a lot of internal angst and roiling. Or maybe you’ll be a witness, bringing cure to the wounded. 

But have you ever played guitar? And strummed a little too hard? Or you re-strung too weakly and one of your strings broke? Oops! Sometimes you have to run to the store and sometimes you have a string handy RIGHT THERE but if you want to play, if you want to write a song with your axe  you need to take that sucker out of the package, uncoil it, and you are going to have to restring. And turn the knobs on the neck tight enough but not too night. Tight but not too tight. So that you can play.

Love, MP



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