Pluto: Your Spiritual Enema

"moon pluto"
The Lovers, delayed

I did a visualization this morning while still in bed, dozy from last night’s two Advil. I did a sweep of my body for energy, thoughts, that were bothering me and what was coming out were like grains of sand, dust, through my feet.

Over and over I imagined the sweeping motion, from crown to feet, not violently, and I could feel my heart and throat chakras especially murky and cloggy and the goal was to keep sweeping, gently, to let it go, until I was clean, clear. Not that I had a goal.

This was my spiritual enema, and I am relating it to Pluto because what Pluto does is break down to build up. There were grains, there was dust.

Take from the body what must exit the body. Let it go.

Where’s your transiting Pluto? Where’s your natal Pluto? For me, natal Pluto is in the 1st House of the self, conjunct my Moon. Transiting is at the end of my 4th, ready to enter my 5th. A new cycle.

When Pluto is on an edge like this, on a ledge like this, you should look down.

My relationship is troubling me lately. It’s like I have a broken bone that will not set. It keeps re-breaking. I don’t know what will make it better and I cannot detatch, cannot stop pushing.

I wish I were one of those cool girls who look away, walk away, but I’m always on fire. Moon Pluto in the 1st House, which is Aries’ natural house and Aries is fire: double your burn, double your destruction.

But then comes the rebirth.

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