Pluto Square Chiron: Underneath The Bunker

I was asking the gals (and our one dude) on the message board which planet, which planetary energy, they identify with most these days.

I didn’t have an easy answer myself. And then I realized that it’s a transit that’s got me by the balls 😉

Pluto on the edge of entering my 5th House and squaring my 8th House Chiron:

issues of sex, woundedness, therapy, healing, desire, deep feelings, finding the root cause. Fear. Conflict.

It is, after all, a square.

Pluto and Chiron are not the fun and games guys although with the 5th House and the 8th involved… there will be relief and release through… pleasure.

What about you? Which planet? Which energy are you feeling most these days? Is there a long-term transit you are under in a pleasing or challenging way?

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