Pluto Sextile Chiron (Part Two) And A Few Words From My 12th House

Don’t be foolish. Our time here is limited.

A week like this — the Pluto Chiron sextile – shows us what’s still broken *and* that it’s repairing, sewing itself back up.

You really don’t need to do anything but let it. Wait. I take that back. You do need to pay attention. You do need to look at your chart. You do need to open up. But you can do that. Not too hard.

I dated a man once who kept me on the hook for a few years. Or was it me. Did I keep myself on the hook for a few years. In either case, I was on the hook. For years. It took pain and effort and energy to get free. If you are waiting for someone, if you want what I wanted, then give it a limit, how long you will wait. Venus in the 12th House types, Venus Neptune types can wait, can sacrifice the years for unusually long times. It feels good. Until it feels bad. I know it could be different for you. For you, waiting could bring you more happiness than Real Love ever could. But if you are anything like me, then think about what you’re doing and why. And don’t take my word for it. You choose. Just do it consciously.


I peeked and decided to look ahead to the weekend and I LOVE it.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces (intuitive, compassionate). Venus conjunct Mars in Aries (hot, passionate). Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio (deep, stabilizing).

I would like to be born this day. You listening, God? I want *this* chart for my next life 🙂

Love, MP


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