Pluto Retrograde And The Inside Drive

"pluto retrograde"

I caught a glimpse of my aura this morning. It was a revelation. Saw it in the reflection of a shop window. There, around my head and how important it is to stand tall and not cower from challenge, which is your reflection.

Stand tall.


Transiting Pluto (check your chart for where he is) will help you cleanse, purge, the shame of your natal Pluto and your feelings of self-disgust. Pluto’s retrograde motion compels this drive, this dive.


I often talk about my 1st House Pluto and that people stare at me. I am not a flashy dresser or seek attention. It’s an energy emission. Pluto is a magnet. Attracts or repels. And how uneasy it feels when people look, stare.

Your Pluto is also a magnet. You are drawing in (and/or pushing away) the matters of that house and the house that opposes it.


Find your natal Pluto. What are you ashamed of? What is not okay? What is not supposed to be here, supposedly, but IS here and is alive and perfectly fine.

10th House Pluto: what did your father do or not do?

11th House Pluto: is there anyone left in your life at all who can be trusted?

2nd House Pluto: why are you not allowed to make money?

3rd House Pluto: you wish those thoughts would stop, right?

8th House Pluto: no one is out to get you and that’s part of the problem as you see it if only you would SEE it

6th House Pluto: you will die again, you will live again. It’s not your fault

7th House Pluto: pride in how much you can take vs waking up alone

4th House Pluto: you come from loss. Also, not your fault

5th House Pluto: it’s not shit, it’s art that’s inside you and must come out

12th House Pluto: yes you really are that powerful

9th House Pluto: who said that you couldn’t lead? You must lead, teach others

1st House Pluto: everyone sees your sex


So I decided to work with this energy rather than shrink, shirk, cower and to begin by standing tall because this Pluto is my 1st House, is my body, how I’m seen. Instead of getting angry or annoyed or saying “who me” or “why me” — I must stand tall and say “Yes, me” and no, I’m not a cop.

And it DOES have to do with shame, fear, feeling like a victim, being a victim, and these keywords, yes, they overlap with Saturn.

Pluto can feel like a bottomless pit of unsolvable.

An un-mastered Pluto is a victim of circumstance, of other people. You were a child then and you had no choice but now you’re grown.


The transits that Pluto is currently making to your chart can turn all this around. “All this” meaning the Story of your natal Pluto — if you pay attention. It’s not magic although you can use magic to get there.


I’ll share with you a key from my chart: transiting Pluto is entering my 5th House. Pleasure.


What are you thinking?Β 


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