Pluto Power: Got Yours?

We’ve been talking about Pluto transits in the “room” (the message board I run that still needs a new name), tracking where Pluto was during our childhoods and I’d never thought about it before — Pluto moving through my 3rd House coinciding with some *very* dark years.

A Pluto transit feels like a lifetime. A Pluto transit IS a lifetime. We keep getting born again.

When we don’t know the astrology, we may assume what’s happening will last forever. A phase, a Pluto transit for example, can last 15 years or more.

The fact is that these transits do change us.

I am a Pluto 1st House person but Pluto through my 3rd was a shadow, IS a shadow, that I still carry. Is it possible to return to who I actually am?

How do we get back to our true selves? Do you believe you have a true self, an authentic “you”? Who is it? How do you know? 

Pluto in Sagittarius was a Pluto square for me. Pluto in Capricorn (if I live that long) will be a trine 🙂

Where was Pluto when you were 12? 

Love, MP


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