Pluto In the 5th House (Part Two) & VIRGO SEASON SOLUTION FOR SOME

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"mars conjunct saturn" And a little voice said to me: you have time

I’ll tell you what else shows up, as it shows up.

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Virgo is a sign of MIND. Virgo is Mercury ruled. Cutting, pruning, cleaning, discriminating, discarding, thinking, writing, picking picking picking, making the scabs bleed and then cleaning up the mess ever so perfectly just so. Some people like the Virgo/ Scorpio combination and yes these natives are deep but they will cut you. We are under a Virgo Scorpio sky. Hello.

But let me tell you, and I know you know this, the cure for Virgo Poison is not mind but silence.
And meditation.
I am going to do a silent retreat today, in my own home.
I am doing my work yes, but my readings are by Instant Message or Email so I can be silent. Quieting the mind. Feels like a f**king bath. I may keep this up until I have my next phone reading. Maybe you will be the one to break the silence 😉

If you are suffering from OVER-Virgo, I recommend this. Or some other STRUCTURE.
Silent structure. Again, meditation. You’ll know when it’s time to come back. You can ask the people around you to communicate only in gesture. Or let them know that YOU will only be communicating in gesture.

As much as you are able in your current environment. Don’t make that call. Don’t send that text. Don’t answer. Go quiet. Saturn is conjunct Mars. Saturn is STOPPING (or slowing down or focusing) Mars. In your Scorpio house. Allow that.

Stars Today:
The Moon is currently Void of Course in Virgo. Moon enters Libra at 5:54 pm on the East Coast. Exact aspect today is Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorpio:

Honestly I don’t mind Venus square Mars. It’s Mars conjunct Saturn that can hurt. So do a little of each. A little Venus in Leo (color your grey, take care of your body, put on something pretty, laugh, make plans to go out, give someone a huge generous hug, write a Pulitzer Prize winning play 😉 – Leo rules theatre) and a little Mars in Scorpio depending on where Mars is transiting your chart: for me it’s 3rd House. Writing and thinking. Funny. A day of meditation when Mars is in my 3rd BUT Mars is conjunct Saturn. Thus, the silence. Focused silence. To me, Mars in Scorpio describes your approach — it is shrewd, self-discipined, and DOES NOT GIVE UP. And it is not pretty. Venus in Leo wants to be pretty. Mars in Scorpio doesn’t give a f**k.

What has been happening in your 3rd House. Mars conjunct Saturn says if you give up, you are stupid. Stupid drunk. So quit drinking and WAKE UP. The Venus square is the temptation to giggle in your gown. No time for giggling 😉 except in little bursts but then go back to Scorpio, back to the edge, back to the thing you cannot NOT do. And yes this is passion, sexual. Mars in Scorpio? You kidding me? If you don’t have a lover, then love yourself. And yes I mean what you think I mean. Thank you. The End.

Love, MP

PS The other bit of advice, often from the mouth of Pema Chodron: soften. Soften around the Mars Pluto conjunction. Can you imagine that? What that would feel like? Exhale. Unclench. I don’t know about you, but I discovered last year that I carry a lot of tension in my pelvic floor. Didn’t know until I saw a physical therapist for an accompanying health matter. So think about that too. Unclenching. Find where it’s tight. Breathe in there. Trust me. Try it. Even for 5 seconds….

The TAROT class is going to be amazing – in part because I attract amazing people. I am grateful for the opportunity to “lead” in this way. Facilitate. To share my obsessive need to create environments where we can discuss the occult 🙂 For details and cost, please email me moonpluto@gmail or message me on FB

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