Pluto Has Entered The Building

"Moon in Capricorn"
Sweet Dreams are made of Moon in Capricorn?

Stray thoughts, late at night: it’s 3am Big City time and I couldn’t sleep. Well, I couldn’t sleep after my Mars opposition (i.e. fight) with a certain someone rattled me so here I am wondering if this will be coherent in the morning and thinking I will post it anyway πŸ™‚

So I got up out of bed and decided to print out someone’s chart that I didn’t have time to work on today and was printing out her transits and noticing that the transiting Moon is conjunct Pluto right now! Whoo hoo! Is this why I can’t sleep? Because my natal Uranus Β is being blown to bits by Mars, by Pluto, by the Moon, by transiting Uranus. Electric energy!

I know the energy will pass but I fear what I will kill before it leaves the building and I mean this wholly metaphorically even though I was watching Dexter this evening.

I have to say though… there’s a certain delicious freedom in being up past my bedtime. I don’t *have* to be up early. Can sleep in if my body will allow it.

Hmm. Somehow, somehow along the way, I created a life, part of a life, that suits me. Imagine that. How did it happen? Did I do it? I did. It’s not perfect (says Virgo Moon), there’s unfinished business, stories without endings and yet… I did create something. I don’t think I give myself enough credit.

My chart is heavily weighted on the Eastern side, which is the side of the ascendent which is the side of “don’t fucking tell me what to do” i.e. self-reliance i.e. independence i.e. when I need help, I need to ask for it. It’s not that simple but looking at this gal’s chart tonight, which is a Western chart, I can see that she is beholden to others in a way that I never will be. It will not be expected of me or required or demanded. I am free. Which is probably why I’m obsessed with marriage: I want to be less free.

Alright. Enough sleepy thoughts for now. Hope you, wherever you are, are fast asleep or enjoying some pleasure of the moment. Really stepping inside it, whatever it is.

And thanks again, readers, fellow stargazers, for your comments and your emails and your requests for readings! I know I’ve got some sweet, cool, interesting people who visit here and I am grateful πŸ™‚

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