Pluto Goes Retrograde: Now You Are An Army

"pluto retrograde" Power is one of my favorite topics and it should be one of yours too 🙂 if you are under a Pluto transit.

Pluto goes direct this evening so… what?

What’s the big deal? Do outer planet transits really matter? Yes. They do. 

A woman on my Facebook page got me thinking: she asked if the past comes back during such a transit and at first I made a joke: God I hope not.

And then I realized that yes, yes it does.

And I believe MORE than just “echoes” of the past — which is what I wrote on my FB page.

But think about it — this is LIFELONG i.e. as long as we are alive we have these cycles to contend with, our own cycles AND the cycles of the outer planets. And if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Pluto going retrograde could very well bring that old power struggle back — the one you thought you were done with, dead and buried and GONE.

Well, here it is! ALIVE! You become forced to revisit it. You don’t want to revisit it. So what will you do differently? How will you stand in your power more effectively than before?

I don’t want to scare you. I don’t believe you get a full-on repeat. But you may get a mini version here and there of some unpleasant interactions THAT TRIGGER THE F**K OUT OF YOU as the Pluto people come back.

I assume you’ve learned some lessons.
I assume you won’t take the bait
if it’s one of THOSE days and you DO take the bait, you’ll respond a bit differently than the last time Pluto went retrograde and call it like you see it (according to what the moment requires).

Everything is different now. They may not realize that, but you do — so act accordingly. Pluto is power and if you are under a Pluto transit yours is being tested.

Pluto goes direct late September at 12 degrees and I have this feeling that your life may look dramatically different by then.

What are you feeling?

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