Pluto Goes Retrograde April 12th

And they actually do matter, common though they are, retrograde periods of the outer planets.

Life doesn’t stop but I will be surprised if you are not visited by ghosts of Pluto past… or Plutos of ghosts past or Scorpios falling from the skies, particularly pensive skydivers, Healthcliff types.

Basically you need to find transiting Pluto in your chart and the story is there. It is RIGHT THERE. Open your eyes. Pay attention. First, find the house. Then, note the aspects, one by one. Pluto moves slowly. Easy to track.

Also, find your natal Pluto because that is where, even more, you will feel it, position of your deepest, most penetrative changes. You? Gone. You? New.

My chart? 5th House. Love. Creativity. Children? But my natal Pluto is in the 1st House, with my Moon. No matter who I love (5th House) no matter who I f**k (5th House), what’s changing here is me (1st House).

Important also to note is that Pluto retrograde brings it closer to Uranus, squeezing on that square once again, turning straw and fire into gold (pardon my mixing metaphors).

Here’s a question: which one are you feeling more in your life? Transiting Pluto or transiting Uranus? How are they influencing each other? What’s the tension about? 

Love, MP


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