Pluto Goes Direct: Gush Forth

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what are you leaving behind?

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And then when I was on the train, my monkey mind started bothering me again. I was listening to the Cowboy Junkies at the time. I returned to my visualization from the morning and now it wasn’t just sand and dust pouring out of me, but ocean water.

A wave laps at the shore

I grew up surrounded by the Atlantic. Peninsula girl. I know that sound, the smell, sight, taste, feel. It’s calm even when it’s rough. Whoosh… whoosh… whoosh… whoosh… whoosh.  A wave laps at the shore. But pouring out of me instead. Salt. That same undulation.

BUT with the actual ocean? The actual ocean is like a yo-yo. I mean, the waves are as though tethered. Back and forth, back and forth, back, back, back. Forth. It doesn’t let go. But *I* was letting go.

The subway car did not fill with water once it exited my body. It was gone. Maybe a droplet or two on the floor. Proof!

Moon Pluto aspects are ocean waves, oceans of feelings no matter the sign, no matter the aspect because we’re dealing with the Moon which always answers to the sign of Cancer which is water.

So when you feel clogged, try your own clearing exercise, or try mine. Sweep your body from crown to foot, and see what comes out.

Tying this back to the astrology: with Pluto direct this week, something that’s been held up in your life may gush forth, but in pieces.

Pluto asks:  is it time to die? Or to live? PICK ONE.

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