Pluto Conjunct The Moon (Transit Or Natal)

I’m not in pain all the time. I’m not in pain all that much lately.

If I were, I wouldn’t be able to help you or anyone or myself.

Pain is part of it though 🙂 and the other day I watched a youtube astrologer explain the Moon Pluto conjunction and she really nailed it.

Moon Pluto people go from trauma to breakdown to being able to help others. They become strong and aren’t afraid of you, your pain, your crisis. True!

I have this in my natal. I’ll never have it by transit. Humans don’t live that long (thank God!) but for those of you with Pluto transiting your Moon, I can only tell you what I know for sure, by way of a true story:

I love my husband but being in an intimate relationship brought out all the old pain monsters. Didn’t think I had any more! But they were waiting 🙂

When I was alone, they had no need to show themselves. I was “safe” then in my shell. But they needed to come out. Be witnessed. And then transformed, UNDERSTOOD. Connections made. From past to present and present to past. And whatever you think it is? There’s often ANOTHER layer. Groovy 🙂

This is not a bad thing. And it was not even an INEVITABLE thing. I mean, the monster could have come out of the box and I could have refused to address it! Ignored. Sunk into denial. Stayed a child. I could have broken it all in two.

So, think about reframing how you think about your emotional life (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio!) how you perceive EVERYTHING (yes the Moon is your filter) and consider all of it (your Pluto Moon transit) as support, as APPROVAL (yes, approval) for your journey: good shoes, good travel pack, little doggie by your side, and MOON PLUTO, those great masses of feeling, like icebergs or leviathans or lava or…the winter sun shining red, bright, and orange on the tree still boasting her leaves…


Love, MP


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