Pluto Conjunct Saturn And The Death Card

Since I’ve been doing this work, I’ve had a number of clients survive transiting Saturn on their natal Pluto. But yesterday I got to talk to the reverse — transiting Pluto on her natal 8th House Saturn.

It felt like the “Death card” to me — from the Tarot.

She also has Neptune transiting her 10th House and sure, clarity is so-so (or absent!) these days but she can DREAM with this transit. She can create, envision the future.

BUT — she has to pass the almighty Pluto Saturn testing center before she can turn that corner and live again, live from her 10th House (which she must do, being a 10th House Sun).

All this reminded me of a Tarot reading I had the other day with awesome Tarot master/author, Rachel Pollack. She was showing me how I had to do such cards as JUSTICE and TEMPERANCE (both about honesty and balancing) before I could reap the rewards of THE STAR and THE SUN.

Saturn is so hard/hardened/crystallized, we feel we cannot move when we are under this energy. We feel worthless. That all is for nought. And Pluto comes along to peel off the skin, leaving your Saturn even more naked, freezing, hairless, exposed but… ultimately obliterates the limit, restructures and reforms it — leaving behind, in its wake, beauty. A new form.

I do see the Death card as a good card. Once you see it, you “know.” Is it heavy? YES. Is it intense? YES. Things must change? YES YES YES.

It was the first card. Followed by another Major Arcana. THE WORK.

In the deck we were using (there are many renditions of the cards, as you know) we see a number of figures reacting to Death, including a child. Openness. No preconceived notions.

Funny to think of the child self. I have no sentimentality of childhood or family. I was born into death. Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st House. That was THE transit of the last days of my womb life. Did my mother want to die? Or did she just want to change, to live?

I was born into this dilemma, but for the Pluto person, there is always future because Pluto reminds us that we have a mission journey, that there is a there THERE. Death’s horse is MOVING, always and forever.

Until you pull another card 🙂

Love, MP

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