Pluto Buys a Hat

In Greek mythology, Pluto is given a helmet that makes him invisible. It’s a really interesting story, if you have the time to look it up. Even more interesting is that writers throughout the ages disagree on the details. Did the helmet belong to Pluto? Did he borrow it? Well, I am Pluto in this story (and I apologize in advance for this story is less interesting than myth 😉

Today I had some work done on my face i.e. something removed to biopsy and then a couple other things done. Will spare you the details, but I left the place with a big band-aid on my right cheek, and the Doc told me to stay out of the sun, which reminded me to buy a sun hat, which reminded me of Pluto’s helmet.

I remembered there were sun hats at Whole Foods with built in SPF. Does it really work? And I found a black one that fit well enough. Yes, a black sun hat to match my black dress, Pluto-style.

What was remarkable to me was how happy I was to be wearing it. I was able to hide (Venus in the 12th) beneath the brim which I could pull down. It felt a bit like a costume (Venus Leo); I felt more elegant (more Venus Leo) than usual. Dramatic (again Venus Leo and first house Pluto) and yet practical (Moon Pluto in Virgo).

Do you dress for your chart? What makes you feel like you?

Today I felt like a very high level me, even with the band-aid on my cheek. In fact, I LIKED the band-aid. It felt like more costume. I am so often a jeans and t-shirt girl, casual because my work demands it, but I realized today that there are other ways to be comfortable. My own way. Not according to magazines or celebrities or television, but wholly me. And it was always that way. Again, a first house Pluto. I wonder how many of you reading this have a strong and interesting Pluto, mightily aspected, no matter the house. Everyone has Pluto somewhere.

Famous last words: that didn’t hurt a bit

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