Planning The November Meeting Place (Class) & Other News & Stars

"venus trine pluto"From my Facebook:

The next class – the November Meeting Place – will be a self-discovery process for participants –

and is a class (I need a new word!) for the Writers (whether you are writing or not, blocked or not, beginners or not, all welcome) — part of my desire is to explore and knead through the lumpy obstacles – what holds us back from THE WORD, THE PAGE, beginning, middling, finishing (and allowing it all)

Writing for self expression. Writing to GET THE FEELINGS OUT. Or the thoughts out. Or the memories out. Or the ideas out. Or “pro” writers who need a little attention and inspiration and conversation with likeminded. Doesn’t matter WHY you want to hang.

More details to come (including cost of course) 

I’ve been meaning to begin this for a while now (a series of them) but I was pretty sick last spring and it didn’t happen.

My return to the Writing Life makes this necessary and possible.

I am in the process of organizing and collecting what I want to do in there, where I want to take folks…


The news, my news, your news, and the Stars This Weekend


Weird day Weird energy. You feeling this? Moon’s in Aquarius
Weekend is astonishing —

We enter Scorpio 🙂  In and of itself this feels like a holiday to me – Scorpio is not “easy” but is worth it. My mother was a Scorpio. Quiet, reserved woman with SECRETS.

Venus conjoins Jupiter in Virgo and trines Pluto this weekend as well. Venus Jupiter Virgo is a party but one involving windex (obvious I know but it’s got to be said – CLEAN UP!)

Other sky stuff going on yes but these are on my mind –

What House is your Virgo House? That’s the Venus Jupiter marriage, your joy house. What House is your Capricorn House? Pluto is there, obsessing you.

For me it’s 1st/5th and I do feel a CREATIVE SURGE – pregnant with possibility.

I have felt dead for months (years?) and to have a glimpse of rebirth is… interesting to say the least.
To have a rebirth of I WANT


And you???? 

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