Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today! (Sort Of)

"monica lewinsky"
Two Leos!

We’ve been having a heatwave out here in NewYorkLand, a tropical heatwave. Temperatures rising, it isn’t surprising, you most certainly can Can-Can. Remember that song? I remember Marilyn Monroe singing that song, fan that I am.

But back to the heatwave. How’s the weather where you are? Want to talk Planets? I know you do!

Sun will enter Leo! Moon will enter Taurus! What do you think? Sounds fun and fuzzy to me, bright and lovey. I’ll take it.

Venus is still in Cancer. Mercury is still in Leo. Mars is still in Gemini. I feel the energy is scattered, like when you throw breadcrumbs for the birds: a little here, a little there.

Alright. Planetary Round-Up my ass. The news out of Norway really freaked me out this morning, not to mention on-going local stories of mayhem and murder. Ugh. Now I don’t do charts for tragedies and honestly it kind of offends me when someone says “Oh it was the Full Moon” that caused such and such. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. It’s complicated. All I know is… when the world is hurting sometimes all you can do is sit still.

Friday Night in the Big City. It’s 100 degrees out there. And here come the questions: Do you know where you belong? Do you know where your lover is? Are you alone right now? Are you at work? Who’s there? Are the animals sleeping? Should you be sleeping? In about a minute, I may go outside and experience a Marlboro Red in the heat of the early evening. Or not. (Not.)

And you? Is it Friday night where you are?Β 

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