Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today! Sex, Sex, And More Sex!

"mae west"
Mae West: Sun in Leo

Hmm Hmm Hmm. Biggest news to me is the Sun entering Leo in a couple days…

But besides that we have some nifty Moon aspects today, including Moon conjunct Uranus and Moon square Pluto. Where is the Moon? In warriorAries! (Well, it will be in Aries if I post this post on time!)

As I wrote yesterday: the Moon in Aries can be fast, impulsive, and more emotional than people usual give credit. My Moon and Mars in Aries ex-boyfriend was the least subtle of lovers. Foreplay you say? Nope. Here, let me stick my tongue down your throat instead 😉 He wasn’t a bad guy… just…. in square to my gentle Mars in Cancer. Learn from your experience, ladies!

And since the Moon is having a three-way with Uranus and Pluto, you know she’ll be kissing on our buddy Saturn too. It will be an opposition (not that that will stop her) so a Moon figure may cross your path or a Saturn figure. Do you need to call the parentals? Moon Saturn aspects bring melancholy so be gentle with yourself and when the Moon moves into Taurus on Friday and conjuncts Jupiter? You’ll feel better 🙂 Unless of course you were enjoying the outer planet action, you naughty boy!

What about the Sun in Leo? Oh Leo. Leo Leo Leo Leo. Above all, Leo needs appreciation. If a Leo helps you out or sings you a song or brings you flowers or gives you the better parking space, you better acknowledge it or suffer the Almighty Roar.

Damn, I have no Leo ex-boyfriend story to tell you. Oh wait! I do! Same ex-boyfriend has Mercury in Leo square Neptune and I think this… softened his roar. In fact, I never heard him roar. He had an Inner Lion. And he was an expert at… selective telling i.e. the whole story? No such thing 😉

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