Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today – Notes From Ground Zero

"moon pluto"
September 11, 2011

Good evening Fellow Stargazers! Or good morning, afternoon 🙂

Today was an interesting day. I realized I’m still getting over my cold, I did one of those rare phone readings (I work mostly by email) and decided after an appointment to head downtown.

I knew I had to go because I wanted to… feel the energy. Do you know what I mean? Or… have you ever had a similar impulse? To go somewhere because you wanted to FEEL it.

And not to absorb it, but to observe it and what was remarkable to me was that near Ground Zero itself, I felt peaceful, pretty damn calm, even among all the people talking pictures and walking by. And I recognized it as not my energy but the energy of the space.

Where I really felt the swirling swelling emotion was outside St Paul’s Church, wow. There were all these ribbons and you could write on them and afix them outside and there were some candles and pictures, even one picture of a woman whose remains were never found. Such a strange word: remains.

Maybe the souls have settled. I think so. After 10 years. We’re the ones, the ones still here, who aren’t settled. That’s the energy that swirled around the church: pain that’s very much alive.

But about the sky today? The Moon is moving towards its fullness, not yet not yet not yet. Almost. Full Moons are oppositions, Pisces opposing Virgo, the spirit opposing the body. We need both, but it’s the Moon who has our attention today.

What does she need? How will you feed her? How are you honoring the Full Moon? 

Venus and Mars still in sextile: Virgo and Cancer.  Flirt if you feel like it 😉 but sensitively .

Mercury in early Virgo moving past that opposition to Neptune. Do you feel more clear, mind-wise? Are you remembering your dreams less or more? Mercury is out of its shadow now. Make plans, sign contracts, buy stuff that will break eventually anyway 😉 Virgos rejoice when Mercury visits their sign because then everyone’s a critic, not just them.

The sky feels slow to me these days, holding steady. It was a tense summer, wasn’t it? What will fall bring? Tomorrow I plan to write more about Libra and Libra Season and how very Virgo of me to announce my plans to write 🙂

‘Til then, my friends…

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