Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today! New Moon In Leo Coming Right Up!

"famous Leos"
Count Basie had Sun in Leo!!

Let’s see, hmm…

Fire, Air, Fire, Water, Air, Earth: that’s what I see when I begin to look at the planetary placements today.

Are you Water people feeling left out? Well, don’t!

I know Venus is heading for Fire, Leo, but Mars still has to do his time in Cancer, which will be my Mars return, and yes, Mars will then join the outer planets in that Cardinal configuration which has been so stressful this summer. But fear not! (How was that? I’m practicing my positive thinking 😉

A New Moon in Leo is on the way so look in your chart for you Leo House and where you need to shine and create. Use this as a diversion when the going gets tough. Leo needs to express himself, herself, so don’t be shy about asking for what you want. Let the Leo energy make you bold! Unashamed! It’s okay!

Today the Moon is making her way through chatty witty entertaining multi-tasking Gemini. Are you feeling social? Or does she stress out your chart in some way? As always, the Moon moves fast, is moody, so off she goes to something, somewhere else, if she’s currently on your ass 😉

Sun is in early Leo, yes still plenty of time to enjoy this fixed fire energy of the summer Sun!

Mercury heading to Virgo soon soon soon and it’s time to think about the upcoming Retrograde! What do you want, need, to review and re-do and revise? Don’t fear the Retrograde! Look at it as… a way to catch up, reflect, take another look.  DO OVER. We are all works in progress 🙂

Venus heading to Leo, Mars heading to Cancer: shifting shifting shifting as the personal, faster moving planets change signs. Again, look to the houses to see the areas of life where you will be, feel, lit up!

The outer planets are hanging on in their usual spots. Jupiter fat and happy in Taurus despite squaring Leo. Eh, big deal! Fixed squares are no fun, but this one is kind of funny, I think. The Big Hair (Leo) vs the Big Beauty (Jupiter in Taurus).

Are you feeling beautiful enough? It’s a good time to think about your looks and appearance. Leo doesn’t leave the house without her confidence on!

How are you feeling today? Want to talk about YOUR stars? Contact Me.

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