Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today – Are You Lost?

"Moon Pluto"
John Locke and Ben Linus from Lost

Did you ever have a transit wipe everything away? Life as you knew it? Yeah, like a tidal wave. Or a plane crash. I think of that show LOST.  You just… wind up somewhere, crashed on the beach, and maybe you see someone you know, and maybe not.

The recent New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer means change for all Cancers but the change may not be here yet. Must wait and watch. It’s like waiting to find out if some irritating physical symptom is just going to go away or if it’s your new life. Do you want a new life?

The Sun in Cancer has squeaked past its square to Saturn in Libra but look! Venus is already at 3 degrees and heading for that coveted spot in the heavens. Ugh. Nobody wants to square Saturn, least of all Cancer. It just doesn’t feel good. And Venus square Saturn really doesn’t feel good.

Now, Venus square Uranus is an interesting one. Venus moves pretty fast and Uranus is fast (in terms of how the energy manifests) and you may feel a little flashy during this transit. Don’t do anything rashy though! Because with Venus Uranus, love can come and go quickly. Try not to fall in love with the bartender. Or the bartender’s mother.

Venus trine Neptune in Pisces can bring you illusion, delusion, confusion. Or the ideal love of a lifetime. You know what? With the Moon Void of Course in Virgo and all these outer planet love aspects?  I think I’ll just stay home tonight 🙂

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