Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today And The New Moon In Leo

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Moon in Pisces!

The Moon, the Moon, ah the Moon! The Moon is in the psychic and suffering sign of Pisces 🙂 We love our Pisces, don’t we? Neptune-ruled, sensitive dreamers, they. The Moon in Pisces is already past her conjunction to Chiron and Neptune and is now sextile Jupiter in Taurus. Moon Jupiter is a lovely aspect in the sky or here on earth: the feelings are like balloons, rising above limitation. Did you feel a lift?

Our fair Pisces will then trine Venus and Sun in Cancer. That much water usually makes the water/earth people happy and the fire/air people edgy. Rest assured though, Mars is still in Gemini, Saturn (ha!) is still in Libra, and the Sun will move to Leo Leo Leo soon enough. Rawr!

What? What’s that you say? The Moon in Pisces will inconjunct Saturn in Libra? My advice: don’t fight with your Momma until the Moon is a few degrees off Saturn. Moon Saturn in hard aspect can make you feel low down. Take heart in the fact that the Moon moves fast.

The Eclipses have come and gone. The Full Moon has come and gone, and that was a potent Full Moon, wasn’t it? These Moons have felt like waves to me lately and I don’t know what will be washed away until it is or it isn’t.

The future: the New Moon in shiny shiny Leo is what we have to look forward to now. Fixed fire. Masculine energy.

Look in your chart for your Leo House and the early-ish degrees. What area of life is ready for seeding? New Moons are the intention-times, beginnings. Think about it. Do you have a plan? Is it a Leo plan? Do you need some attention? Some glamour? Some self-expression? Some FUN? Some LOVE? Love love love love love love love love!

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