Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

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Beethoven had Moon in Sagittarius

Sunday Morning in the Big City. Wait. No. MONDAY morning in the Big City, Labor Day, and many Americans have the day off today.

The Moon in Sagittarius is a good place for the moon on a day-off. Sagittarius loves to wander, travel, traipse, pontificate! And he’s moving towards a sextile to Neptune. Moon Neptune is a dreamy aspect; intuition is strong! A little meditation session could be in order. Maybe you’ll get a message or two about… something! After all, Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy and Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is your EXPANSION.

How, where, what do you want to expand in your life? Where is the transiting Moon in your chart? Where is Neptune? Find these two heavenly bodies and you’ll have a key, a clue. The Moon moves fast so take advantage of this aspect. Meditate and then go for a walk!

In other news: Virgo Season continues with the Sun and Venus still in Virgo. Mercury is fast finishing up his time in Leo and will join his pals in Virgo (and then he’ll be out of his retrograde shadow as well). Mercury in Virgo is fine fine place to be. A bit skeptical at times but we need that at times. And Mercury is opposing Neptune once again and this aspect will only get tighter; it’s applying now. Watch for confusion in the coming days. Mercury Neptune can be outright lies or white lies or just not knowing what to do or what to think. On the up side, this aspect can also be a dreamy flowy psychic vibe, especially with Neptune retrograde. Pay attention to your dreams! (I’ll try to write more about this aspect later; it’s an interesting one.)

Otherwise, your Virgo House is STILL important. So is your Leo House. And to give you one more thing to do: find the Libra House in your wheel! I am always early, like a proper Virgo Moon and Libra is what’s coming up for all of us. I know I know I’m probably jumping the gun but it won’t hurt to look ahead 🙂 What areas of life does Libra cover in your chart?

Mars is still holding on in Cancer. This is good for water and for Taurus and Virgo but probably annoying for everyone else. If you start to feel annoyed with Mars clinging to Cancer, then act like a Cancer: eat! nurture! cry! I promise you’ll feel better 🙂 And if you don’t? Come back here and tell me in the comments 🙂

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