Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"enemies, a love story"
Anjelica Huston has Mars in Cancer

Look! A shift! The Moon is at 29 Gemini. Venus is at 29 Cancer! Now, these folks, as they enter their new signs may not enter new houses (in your chart) but the sign change alone brings New Energy! And that’s just cool! Change is good! (Yeah, just keep telling yourself this 😉

What else we got? Sun in early Leo, Mercury at 29 Leo (another shift!), Mars at 25 Gemini, still solidly in those last degrees. Jupiter at 8 Taurus. Saturn at 12 Libra. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all retrograde in early degrees of Cardinal Signs.

So MoonPluto, you may say, what do you see? I don’t know what I see but I can tell you how I feel 😉 a precipice-feeling. Perched on the edge. Overlooking the vista! Change in the air. Is it the Fool Card from the Tarot? Or something darker? August on the way. Still hot in the city but summer almost over.

Mars will enter Cancer soon enough and join the Cardinal-Party. He’ll oppose Pluto and square Uranus. And then square Saturn.

You’ve already been working with this energy, are familiar with this energy, of the Cardinal square/cross this summer so adding Mars to the mix? Will only drive the points/messages/lessons/concerns home that you’ve been dealing with. It could be fast. It could be disruptive. It could be intense! It could be… tiring.

I wrote a post recently about feeling transits in your body so it could play out for you that way. As always, visit your chart with your tea and your crumpet and your reading glasses, and look for your Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra houses. These are the houses of the Cardinal Cross. Look for the early-ish degrees.

I don’t think of this energy as new news for you but… what you’ve already been going through but EMPHASIZED, energized, stimulated, revved up! Remember, Mars is force so… use your energy wisely. Use your judgement. I want to say Wise Mind, but really it feels like Wise Body.

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