Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

"Occupy Wall Street"
Occupy Wall Street

Good Morning, Star Gazers ๐Ÿ™‚

Expect a Wild West kinda day today. Aries/Libra showdown!

At the very least, emotions running high, high, higher with the Full Moon opposing Sun and Saturn in Libra. You may feel like your freedom is being blocked. Is it true? Impossible to tell until you CALM DOWN. (And I just read about mass arrests at Occupy Boston.)

My advice is to find your support, find your people, find your Libra. COOPERATE. Don’t go it alone (Aries). I may not have time to head down to Occupy Wall Street today, but I’ll be paying attention.

This Moon feels like a storm to me; I’ve used this metaphor before, tornadoesque, gaining speed as she conjuncted transiting Uranus and squared Pluto and soon to trine Mars on her way to Full.

Try not to fight with anyone — the Moon will later oppose Mercury and any disagreements are bound to be full of hot air and devil’s advocate type debating. I say useย the fire energy of Aries/Leo to fuel your creativity, to inspire your thinking, and to ACT.

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