Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today!

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I swear, Virgo Season ends and I’m back to my bad habits. Libra matters are in focus. Virgo matters are in the past. Not that all new starts disappear, just that… something else is on the slide under the ‘scope. And you know what else? Venus is at 29 Libra! That’s right, folks. Venus will be the first to dip her toe in SCORPIO SEASON.

Water and earth peeps rejoice, although they hide their smiles behind their hands 🙂 We’ve needed a bit more water in the sky, in my humble opinion, but then again I’ve got a Cancer Stellium. Scorpio suits me fine (even when it squares my Leo Venus).

But let’s take a closer look…

The Sun is in mid-Libra now. You should know what you’re dealing with, what Libra Season is about for you. And if not? Stay tuned. The Full Moon in Aries will reveal it.  (As will Saturn, little by little.)

The Moon is in early Pisces, past conjunction to Neptune and Chiron. She’s sextiling Jupiter. And Mercury in Libra is speeding away from conjunction to Saturn. Are you feeling a bit less burdened, a bit more upbeat? This could be why.

Mars hangs on in Leo at 11. I feel him watching the Libra crowd moving away and he’s a little bit lonely. Encourage your Leo house now, the areas of life it covers. That will make Mars happy 🙂

The biggest news of course is Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aries opposing Sun and Saturn: freedom vs responsibility.

Saturn conjunct the Sun makes the Sun serious. Whatever happens in your life next week and the weeks to come… matters. The choices you make now? Let me put it this way… can you feel it in your own life? Stagnation vs movement? Maybe you feel like The Fool in the Tarot, that you’re gonna leap and soon (Aries) but that the foundation (Saturn) is there. AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BUILT IT.

While the Moon is still in Pisces, dream up. Dream up what you want. Anything. Spend as much time as you can going inside, going quiet, in meditation. You don’t need words. You only need the dream. At first.

By the time Aries hits? You’ll be ready. You’ll know what you need to do.

You know this is the beginning, don’t you? 

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