Planetary Round-Up: The Stars Today

"moon pluto"
Kate Moennig has Mars in Leo!

I’ve got a lot on my mind that I don’t want to talk about so I thought I’d come here and… not talk about it.

Libra still rules the sky of course: Sun and Mercury conjunct at 5, Venus at 17, Saturn at 18, Moon at 27.

Venus Saturn seems the most um interesting thing about the sky today. I have Saturn ruling my 5th House of LUV, as well as Venus square Saturn so I’m used to this energy which is so much about rejecting before you get rejected… which is usually a fear not based on reality (Saturn). Squares to Saturn often function like this: the truth/reality goes missing.  And when the transiting planets are mirroring our charts? We feel it.

Mars still gives support to Sun and Mercury by sextile: energy, enthusiasm, force but, well, kinda fun cuz it’s Leo.  Also, this Mars in Leo can shine a light on the Pluto square to Sun and Mercury.

What’s the answer? Know that you’ll be able to get it done, whatever it is. However you’ve been battered by the pretty Libra planets, Mars will make you strong.

Does your chart get along with the Libra Stellium? 

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