Planetary Round-Up: Keep Your Knives In The Drawer

"Venus Opposition Pluto"
Got Venus Pluto?

Before I venture heavenward and give you my thoughts on the Stars Today I wanted to say thank you to my sweet loyal emotionally intense readers/commenters 🙂 Thank you for making my blog such a pleasure to wake up to and come home to each day. 

Sun in mid-Cancer has pulled out of our summer t-square but here comes lovely Venus taking the Sun’s place, but also trining Chiron and sextiling Jupiter. Oh Chiron. Chiron Chiron Chiron. You’re my whipping boy these days 🙂 Or perhaps I should say that about Venus Pluto instead 😉

Venus Chiron is like a syringe primed with poison ready to heal you. Do you stick it?

But back to Venus Pluto: Try not to fight with your lover, okay? The war can wait. The love can’t. Remember to breathe.

Moon is currently Void of Course in Libra and we all survived the Moon Saturn conjunction, right? Once the Moon is in Scorpio, we’ll get lovely trines to Cancer, but with the Venus Pluto opposition still in effect, you’d be wise to keep your knives in the drawer. No Scorpio vengence, okay? On the other hand though, and speaking of knives, these aspects,may provide ample inspiration for you BDSMers!

Mercury sextiles Mars which is great for thinking and doing, and gets support from Saturn in Libra thank God. Saturn needs something else to do besides crapping on poor Cancer 😉

My overall diagnosis of the sitch: with such an agitated Venus? Play nice or not at all.

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