Planetary Round-Up and The Capricorn Moooooooooon

"full moon in capricorn"
Mia Farrow: Moon in Capricorn

So, how are you feeling as the Capricorn Moon approaches fullness? Do you feel full? Overworked? Tired? Perfectly happy? Sane or insane? It’s been busy here and hot and other than that… knock on wood 🙂

At the moment the Moon is trine Jupiter: good.  And sextiling Chiron. Okay, good enough.

Venus square Saturn EXACT. Love is a burden. Love tests. But in cardinal signs, Cancer and Libra? The square is dynamic, it moves. There’s hope for you yet 🙂

Happy boastful Mercury in Leo meow 🙂 sextiling Mars which is moving away from a trine to Saturn. Do you want to play or do you want to work? Pick one and then do the other.

You know what? After looking at the placement of the planets… I feel a kind of harmony, despite the Venus Saturn aspect. Maybe it’s the Moon Jupiter. Or Venus leaving Pluto’s palace. It just feels… lighter. And anyway, aspects always feel worse as they apply. When the aspect is finally exact? Its work is done (according to Isabel Hickey) and that’s how it feels to me.  So off with your head, Venus Saturn! We need you not!

Another word about the Full Moon: Cancer and Capricorn are our parents, the 4th and the 10th houses. Although some astrologers give the 10th to the mother and the 4th to the father. Or the 10th to the dominant parent. I tend to give the 4th to the mother but then see what the chart brings out, there’s usually a pattern.

So my question for you is: Do you see your parents in your chart? Where do you find them? What’s the condition of your 4th and your 10th, or their rulers? 

Happy Full Moon!

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