Pisces Season!

"pisces season"

Just a quickie post for the moment because I am heading out of the house! Moon Pluto gets social 🙂

I’m friends with a magician (the kind who does tricks for an audience) and going to accompany him on some of his magical errands. But I wanted to stop by and remind you that the Sun enters Pisces this weekend (at 1:18 am Sunday morning EST).

I know you’ve already found Mercury in Pisces in your chart as well as Neptune and Chiron but it’s worth nothing the Sun’s position because where the Sun is SHINES A LIGHT.

For me? Late in the 6th House, conjunct my North Node which is conjunct my descendent and the truth is I just want to dream and not do anything. That’s the affect of all this Pisces on me at the moment. I want to escape reality. I suppose hanging out with a Magician will do that to some degree.

And another thing: my fate feels at stake right now. More than ever.  And with my North Node involved, no wonder. But I believe I’m being asked NOT to act because nothing is quite clear. The dream is there, the illusion is there and the real is where?

The real (Saturn) is retrograde. Mars is retrograde too. Now is not the best time to act.

Is it easy for you to stop pushing? Is it easy for you to be passive and allow what needs to unfold to unfold? To let fate and faith and Spirit do their thing? To stop tangling up in… what needs to happen. To let the information come out. Pisces Season challenges you to do just that. Pisces rules the knowledge we get from the 12th house: psychic, spiritual, mysterious. But we won’t hear or see or know a thing until we… shhh.

Can you do that? 


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