Pisces Needs Virgo (and vice versa)

"moon in virgo"
Keith is Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Sun

Throughout Virgo Season, I am probably going to keep posting pictures of Keith Richards, Moon in Virgo. He was a huge childhood crush for me and when I look for his image on-line? I see pictures from magazines that I remember seeing when I was 12, 13, and so in love. Yes, love. I loved reading about his heroin-addicted past, loved reading about the making of classic Stones LPs, loved the pictures of him and his girlfriend. I had my wall covered with Rolling Stones pictures from Creem and Rolling Stone.

But (my) Venus square Neptune is a bitch. Venus in the 12th House is a double bitch. And Virgo Rising puts Pisces on my 7th House cusp. No matter where I look, no matter where I love, there’s Neptune: SACRIFICE. But what is it that we, Venus Neptune people, are giving up?

Yesterday I bought coffee for my boyfriend, in anticipation of his upcoming visit. Women you know how this feels, right? You lovingly choose just the thing, just for them. It’s an extension of the love. A $5 package of coffee. My Venus in Leo was reveling in my self-image as a good girlfriend and in the 12th House, I felt so devoted. Virgo is in the details 🙂

But Virgo comes to the rescue of Pisces every time and vice versa. These two oppose each other on the natal wheel and need each other. I can wallow, I can really wallow, in the watery Neptune deep and lose my edges and merge like a motherfucker. Lose my SELF. But then my Virgo stuff kicks in and I make a face and I think: huh. Is this right? Huh. Is this good? Huh. Question question question. Wonder wonder ponder. Think think think. It’s a mood. I get these moods at night a lot. I should clean more when this happens 😉

In the morning, everything is fine. Somehow, during sleep, Virgo and Pisces have made peace. The work and the dream. The thought and the vision. The virgin and the angel. The angel and the demon 😉 But who is the demon? Is it him? Or is it me?

I think we make a choice to love. We decide. The feelings erupt, yes. But you must decide to do it, to follow it through, to not give up, even in the face of squares and inconjuncts and hard transits and whatever else. You must choose. Virgo chooses. Virgo polishes the edges. Virgo d-d-d-d-d-d-d-discerns. What to keep. What to throw back. I can hardly bear to look love in the face. I need to be alone with it so that it doesn’t burn me up. But burn me up it does anyway. Sacrifice. Dissolve.

My message to very Pisces or Neptune people who tend to disappear: collect your inner Virgo. Harvest your inner Virgo. Process your Virgo. Become Virgo. Merge Virgo. It’s in your chart. It’s in you. Even if you have no Virgo planets and you feel like Virgo sucks, you need us.

Don’t disappear. Instead, come into focus. And then let go.

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