Pisces Feelin’ Fragile

Are you feeling this? Are you? WOW. I am.

We are not that long into Pisces Season.

The Sun entered Pisces YESTERDAY and already.  Already I am feeling this… mildly painful open feeling. Fragile. Unprotected. Like that song Opening from Phillip Glass. Or maybe the softer stuff from Michael Nyman. There may be tears. And I’m not afraid of tears but usually my tears come with… thoughts? A storyline. Some grumble. Some angst. Some Pluto. But this Pisces thing… it has no words. Neptune rules sensitivity.

(I got out my Rex Bills to look up what rules SILENCE and Bills lists Saturn as ruling silence – which I get, I totally get – but the Neptunian silence is different. It’s because THERE ARE NO WORDS, we can’t find the words — and not because we are holding them back.)


We are three days into the 12th House class (you can still join us if you want) and I’m thinking: okay Pisces Season IS 12th House Season so indulge  — meditate more. Pray more. Do nothing more. STOP THE INSANITY!

But, MoonPluto: all my Pisces friends ARE insane (I hear you saying). Well, I think it’s easier for the non-Pisces among us to fully enjoy and integrate Pisces Season. After all, we don’t have to BE this all year long. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO BOUNDARIES, THEY HAVE NO SKIN. Can you imagine? (And no, I’m not saying that Pisces are crazy but a Pisces will go crazy without adequate alone time, quiet time, and thumb sucking numbing-out on a regular basis.)

I’ve been bringing the brilliance of Howard Sasportas to the class and here is (part of a) quote which stood out to me: rippling through all levels of meaning of the 12th House is… redemption through self-sacrifice. We give ourselves away. We feel we need to. We can’t help it. It’s automatic. So we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it, we do it. Until we wake up one day. Wake up to what our life has become.  I know this is true for me. I am just beginning, now, to really see it. What I’ve given away. The concessions vs. what I really desire.  The 12th House is evasive and indirect. EVERYONE with 12th House planets needs this lesson — in coming out from under.

Do you have 12th House planets?

Love, MP

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