Phases Of Life Spread (new tarot spread by yours truly)

"moon pluto conjunction" My faithful readers know I have a new blog, a Tarot blog, over at but I’m still going to be blogging here about Tarot every now and then 🙂

Here, my friends, is a new Tarot spread I invented last night and the really cool thing is that it became a collaboration in the midst of a reading!

First, separate the Major cards from the Minor cards.

If you read my most recent post you’ll see I talk about the Major Arcana as phases of life thus this spread could be called the WHAT PHASE AM I IN spread. Or we can find something less clumsy 🙂

So we separate the Major cards. Shuffle however you like. Put them aside. Keep the Minor cards near by. You can pull clarifying cards if you need later on.

Choose two Significator cards from the deck (one Minor or Court, one Major) but KEEP THEM IN THE DECK i.e. you choose them to keep them in your mind. This morning my client and I chose just one card, from the Minors to represent her. The Nine of Pentacles. So we choose these and then shuffle them back in because what’s important is where they wind up in the spread.

What I then did was lay out a line of six cards and then another six cards below, each to represent an astrological house. Thus card one was for the first house, card two for the second house, and so on. And using only the Major cards = the major phases the querent is going through. And you could do this for the month or the season or the year. You decide the timing of how long the phase in question is.

And then with the leftover Major cards I pulled three for the past phases/phases being left behind. And three for the current phases of life. Funny, right now I can’t remember if I pulled three future phase cards. I must have! The details are escaping me. We did have a few leftover cards though of course. And I just put those aside. Those clearly were not part of her recent past, current moment, or near future…

I started to read the cards one by one, and some readings with some clients are collaborative processes which is so interesting and fun. My client is quite knowledgeable in astrology and I had mentioned reading the cards in PAIRS and I was thinking side-by-side but SHE meant reading them as though they were “in aspect” i.e. the 1st card would square the 4th card i.e. Aries/1st House squaring Cancer/4th House. Or, 1st card opposing 7th card.

So many ways to make meaning. I’ve only just begun to study the Lenormand, but it reminded me of what I’ve learned — reading cards in combination. Or how one card modifies another.

In either case, I’ll be curious to hear if you try this spread. You need at least basic knowledge of the astrological houses/keywords but any book or website will have those. And don’t forget to choose your Significators. This is a practice I previously ignored but now want to incorporate — in my own special way 🙂

Was interesting to discover, with this client, much clarity. How strong and detail oriented and playing by the rules her first group of cards were. And then cards that were more complex. And then different ways to group them. I particularly loved the two rows of six cards and then the additional ones off to the side which I read more holistically.

Do you use Significators? Do you invent spreads?

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Love, MP

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