Past Present Future Cards For Lovers With Neptune Problems

venus in the 12th houseSometimes I break my own heart.

I was just randomly searching old Venus posts on the blog and I found one that made me… question my sanity.

Okay not my sanity but how easily my Venus (love) in the 12th House square Neptune (illusion) will… fall me. It will fall me. I will fall. And I can spot this shit in a chart from a million miles away.

I turned 42 a couple weeks ago. Can’t blame anyone for this anymore. It’s up to me to know where the Reality is. Is it easy? Nope. The longing is addictive. I want the dream to become real. But I have no choice. I am learning this lesson as transiting Saturn heads to sextile my Venus once again while in Libra. Lesson learned, Saturn.


But you know what? I don’t want to end this post on a 12th Housey melancholy note. I want to pull a few cards, as is my habit lately, for some wisdom here πŸ™‚ Because onwards and upwards and forwards we go. The best is yet to come.

Past Present Future cards for Lovers with Neptune Problems

You have every reason to be hopeful πŸ™‚ You really are leaving the old ways behind. It hurts but you’re doing it. Hooray! I know this sounds corny, but these are the cards. Not just for me. For you too πŸ™‚ In the past you would RUN towards what seemed impossible. You didn’t realize how impossible it was. The more far-fetched, the better! But you are getting stubborn in your old age. Ambitious even. Ambitious about what? About nailing this problem once and for all. You are the authority. You have grown wise. Very Saturn πŸ™‚ And yes. You are leaving. And yes, no matter what the Buddhists suggest, you still do have hope. There will be parades. There will be celebrations πŸ™‚

With such good news, what should you actually DO. How to proceed?

Know that the goodbye process will sting but PLEASE do not hold onto it. Hold hands with this fire and air sky. Move on okay? Just MOVE ON. It’s taken LONG ENOUGH.Β 

I’m kind of quirky. I don’t like to reveal my cards πŸ™‚ but here are a few of them from this “holistic” reading. I’m sure you can put it together πŸ™‚

King of Wands, The Emperor, 8 of Cups, The Star.

Which aspect do you find the hardest to master?Β 

Love, MP

Song for Venus NeptuneΒ The Quiet Kind – In Front of You

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